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About Boston & its tech community

Venturefizz Podcast

A couple weeks ago Keith Cline and I got together for a chat on the Venturefizz podcast. Keith and Venturefizz were early partners of CloudHealth Technologies, helping us recruit key early talent and establish our employment brand in the Boston

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The Return of Boston Tech

After social distancing on Cape Cod for 13+ months, I returned to Boston to find a very different tech community than the one I left. Gone were the coffee meetings, the meetups, the collaborating at a white board, the conferences,

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5 Thoughts on Reigniting Boston Tech

Unlike the urban sprawl of Silicon Valley, the Boston tech community is small and compact. Within a few square miles, we have a diverse mix of big tech, startups, biotech, world class research facilities, and top notch universities. It’s

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Why I’m Headed Back to Boston

A little over a year ago I drove through Boston on my way to Cape Cod. The pandemic had started to spread across the country, and the previous day my company closed our downtown offices for mandated work from home.

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