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Day 1 at re:Invent

I flew out Monday night on the 8 PM JetBlue flight to Vegas for re:Invent. I wasn’t the sole passenger headed to the conference, and met people from a variety of local companies on the plane, including Acquia,

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Notes from Google Cloud Platform Live

I spent Tuesday at the Google Cloud Platform Live event in San Francisco. This is Google's equivalent of AWS re:Invent, which is scheduled by odd coincidence the week before Amazon's cloud conference. ;) The event started at 9 AM and

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AWS Q3 Revenue

I've been meaning all week to do my usual post-mortem on the quarterly Amazon earnings call, but something kept getting in the way. Over a cup of tea this morning I did a quick read through the SEC filing. The

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Fetching Google Consolidated Bills

Google announced support for the GCP equivalent of the AWS consolidated bill this Friday. This feature substantially simplifies the complexity of managing billing across multiple projects, allowing you to consolidate the billing and usage statements from all projects into a

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For Sale: Antique Cloud Instances

I’d like to let you know about a unique one-time opportunity. Starting today I’m making available for sale a few reserved instances from my personal cloud collection. The items include antique and previously owned m1.small and m1.

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AWS & The Wizard of Oz

I will confess: I both admire and respect Amazon. If all they ever achieved was to be my go-to online store and stream TV / movies to my house, I’d be a big fan. I also appreciate their near maniacal

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