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The Death of DevOps

My first experience managing a DevOps team came in 2010 when I took the VPE role at Sonian. While on the surface my new team looked like traditional system administrators, they shared three traits that were new to me in

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Today I’d like the announce the founding of a new movement: SomeOps. Yes, you’ve heard of DevOps, a movement that emphasizes close collaboration between operations and software development teams (note: no one is exactly sure why these two

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Cheslock's Hierarchy of DevOps Needs

In the 1940s Abraham Maslow published a paper proposing a new theory of psychology known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The theory postulated the stages of human growth, from people’s physical needs (food, water), up through higher intellectual

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Virtuous Cycle of DevOps

A little over a year ago, the DevOps team at Sonian was more system administration than development operations. While the team automated with Chef and had implemented basic monitoring, the typical day was spent responding to unplanned issues across our

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