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Hiring Manager Review of Hired.com

Over my years of recruiting, I’ve worked just about every angle to hire great engineers. I’ve used agencies, internal recruiters, my personal network, my team’s personal network, ads on job boards, social media, meetups, networking events, free

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Talent Density

As a founder and hiring manager of a fast growing startup, I’m always in hiring mode. When I recently heard news a local company had laid off engineers, I went straight to LinkedIn to view the profiles of their

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5 Tips to Hiring in Boston

The market for technical professionals in Boston has been highly competitive over the last year, forcing hiring managers to become creative in sourcing candidates. Here are 5 tips that have consistently worked for me. #5: The Person You Want Isn’

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On Recruiter Sales Hooks

Every good inside sales person needs a hook. With the hot Boston job market, I am the recipient of many sales hooks from recruiters. Here is one I get about twice a week from a couple recruiters with whom I

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